Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project 365, Day 13....and 2

Two more fruity still lifes...originally drawn for a proposed personalized art trade, but they weren't what she was after so I decided to keep them for the project.  The first, attributed to day 13, is titled "one pomegranate".  The second, a makeup card to be attributed to day 2, is titled "green passion fruit."  Both are prismacolor markers with prismacolor pencils layered over the top.  I am just doing fruit exteriors right now, but will work on interiors later as so many fruits are gorgeous on the inside!  These two included.
Today however is feeling like a cupcake day, so we'll see what the pencils think about that...

Sunshine and Smiles!


  1. I like your fruit. Especially the pomegranite (which is one of my favorite fruits to eat :D)
    I hadn't ever thought about doing anything with fruit 'til this project came about. Now I think I want to draw/paint every type of fruit on the planet, just to see if I can. LOL

  2. Oh yeah, and I forgot to say that I can't WAIT to see what you do with a cupcake :D

  3. these are just beautiful!! Love them both!

  4. The pomegranite is very pretty, but the passion fruit is gorgeous!
    You do excellent colored pencil work. I have a whole box of cheapo colored pencils that I play with occasionally, but they don't speak to me like markers and acrylics do. Good job on your fruit!