Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sing Me A Song Little Sparrow

I'm having such fun playing with oil pastels!  Here's a sweet little sparrow for my day 88 card for the 365 project.  You should see all the wonderful work being created by the community of artist who have joined with Robby (our fearless cheerleader!) over on her blog.  Click the Project 365 badge in my sidebar to check out the fun!

Day 88 - "song sparrow"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Card 87 of Project 365

Another card made with cheerful oil pastels... titled "jubilee!"  

Sending out Sunday prayers for a 
wonderful week of love and blessings!

Something Different...

I've been playing with some oil pastels, so here's something a little different for days 84-86 of the card a day project.  They are wonderfully blendable and messy and fun, even for a novice like myself!  Experienced pastel artist certainly create some amazing work...

Day 84 - "it holds hope"

Day 85 - "Spring Performance"

Day 86 - "vivid rose"

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here are some more cards for Project 365.  This brings them current through yesterday.  EYE was having some fun, lol.  Expect to see more of these...the eye-deas just keep popping up.

Day 83 - "Light"

Day 82 - "Spy"

Day 81 - "Shocked"

Day 80 - "Anything"

Day 79 - "Everything"

MORE Project 365 Cards....days 75 through 78

Still making cards for the card-a-day project.
Day 78 - "elemental"

Day 77 - "I see you"

Day 76 - "blue tresses"

Day 75 - "pink spring flowers"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bunches of Project 365 Cards!

Here's a bunch of cards I have made as part of Project 365...Don't forget, you can use the link in my sidebar to see all of the participating artist cards over on Robby's Naked Heart Art blog. 

Day 61: "quiet morning"  &  Day 62: "lilacs"

Day 63: "watercolour heart"

Day 64: Dad
This one is special to me, because it is a drawing on MY DAD! who I dearly love.

Day 65: "zetti zen" & Day 66: "another girl"

Day 67: "crafty apple" and Day 68: "secure to dream"

Day 69: "True" & Day 70: "Dolly Sweet"

Day 71: "scrappy bird 4"  & Day 72: "swirly bloom"

Day 73: "Robin Loves Spring" & Day 74: "Under a Chartruese Moon"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60 of Project 365

Well, we survived Monday!  That's no small thing in my world, where the order of things at work for the past year has been constant change.  But a few times today I must confess that I found myself "daydreaming", which is the name of today's card.