Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365, Day 12...and 1!

Hi!  Hope this finds you warm and well on this January evening.

I took my pencils to work with me today and worked on some drawing during breaks and those odd moments in the day, like while waiting on hold...

Here is my ATC for Day 12 of  Project 365.  This one is titled "speckled pear."  Composed on bristol board with a prismacolor marker base and then layer after layer of prismacolor pencils.

Others in the Project, and on the site where I trade my cards have been creating beautiful fruit still lifes and I couldn't resist giving it a whirl.  I really enjoyed it and the result wasn't too bad...I think I'll be doing more along this line.  It's good practice for realistic drawing.

In fact, I enjoyed it enough that I also made the card below, titled "crisp apple," made in the same manner with marker underneath the layers of pencil.

 I think I actually like the result better...maybe because I got "warmed up" making the first card!

I got a late start on the project to create a card each day, so I'm going to insert this one as a makeup card for day 1.  I'll need to do that a few more times to end up with the full count.

If you want to check out the cards made by the other participating artists, visit the sponsor site Naked Heart Art.  Lots of wonderful eye candy on the project coordinator's blog!

Okay, time to go relax a bit... 

Wishing you sunshine!


  1. A beautiful apple today
    Gave Cheyral time to play
    With her past time activity
    Of nurturing art creativity.

    But before came a pear
    Presented equally fair.
    They both look ripe to eat -
    An inspirating treat.

    Enjoy your passion. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

  2. That apple looks good enough to eat! Well Done!!!! The pear is pretty impressive too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. these are both beautiful works! great job!!

  4. Fabulous fruity work,keep filling in that spare time to create soooo satifying x