Monday, January 11, 2010

ATCs and Birthday Cards

Happy Monday! (ummm...right...we know we all wanted to go back to work today, right! grrrrr.)

Here is today's card for the 2010 Project 365.  I call this one "blissful biology" isn't it happy?   I however am not always happy, though I am determined to hold onto inner joy and peace, JOY of course being my favorite word.

Happy can be shaken, but joy is stronger...more enduring, like faith.  It's what keeps me going, seeking better days when I am in the midst of chaos or doubt.

Lol, all that from my little card full of "bubbles"...


I was going through old family photos and found this adorable photo from her fifth birthday.  Such a cutie!

Couln't resist doctoring it up a bit and making a birthday card for her.  She's always been sort of "my hero" since she is the big sister, and I have always admired her.  Kind, ferocious in protecting the people and causes she believes in, and still with the charming childish twinkle and cheer you see in this photo. 

She's amazing and I love her gobs and gobs!


Sending cupcake wishes to all!

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