Monday, August 3, 2009


This little doll I call "Tamale" agrees - in fact, it's a little TOO HOT, with 100+ temps for several days in a row. Perfect weather to take shelter in the air conditioned studio and create some fun.
You can see Tamale's funky little friends on my flickr page.... They were tons of fun to make using altered original photos of random everyday objects. (An idea inspired by Corrie04 and her "Mad Scientist" chunky page swap over on
Lots of projects in the works right dolls, buttons(yep, the kind for clothes - it's a commission job), ATCs, journals and chunky pages and birds... WOOT! Fun stuff everywhere I turn!
Along with the fun of creating, we've been enjoying the bounty from my Dad's garden...fresh tomatoes, zucchini, corn, onions peppers, and lettuce...YUM! So good! The taste of summer. I need to take a trip down the valley to check out the delightful items available at the local fruit stands - there's abundance in variety and flavor to be discovered.
Hope everyone is having a super summer!! Hugs and Happiness to all!

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  1. Tamale is great! I'll have to take notes from her on keeping cool since the ac is out in my house/studio!