Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet Summertime

Summer sure is flying by! Hard to believe the end of August is almost here, along with the hustle bustle of families preparing for back to school. I want to slow down a little to enjoy the fleeting moments... to appreciate the long summer evenings, fresh from the garden produce, and the feeling of being warm all the way through to the middle of your bones like only the summer sun can cause. To find time to notice the tiny little joys like the swirling flurry of tiny beautiful moths lighting briefly in the grass before dancing away...gone in a twinkle but leaving a smile in their wake. Time to appreciate the changing colors of the sky as the sun sinks away and gives over to the night...a painting that changes by the minute. To make time for family and friends, BBQ's and ice cream cones, and laughing until your sides hurt, and sleeping in on Saturday morning. Waking up to the sunshine instead of an alarm clock. Time to simply enjoy.
What's your favorite little summer moment? Catch it while you can, and savor it.

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