Friday, February 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Yay BLUE!

Well I have been watching and enjoying as my friend soulbrush faithfully posts her Skywatch Friday photos on her blog.

Today, I decided to take a couple snapshots of my own and join the fun.  I'm all for anything that keeps us "looking up!"  It was also a nice chance to stop for a few moments and enjoy that the sky was actually BLUE today!  We've seen so much gray, and I'm rather weary of that, lol!

So here we have it, two blue sky images shot looking up through/past the trees.

I love the twisty branches of the tree in the photo above...a honey locust tree I think...?  No idea at all what this other one is, it grows behind my house and is rather unruly, yet always seems a bit sculptural, and has the most gorgous little leaves in the fall!

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  1. I love the honey locust, but look out for the thorns! Nice shot, nice blue sky.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. Neat frame of sky. And yes, very interesting tree.

  3. glad you joined in, I'm fairly a new kid on the block myself... that tree is goign to have some leaves and will bloom again soon now that the spring in your end is approaching.

  4. Sometimes a blue sky is all we need to pick us up. Great post.