Thursday, February 25, 2010

Days 52, 52, and 54 of Project 365

Okay, so sometimes you make a really lousy card, but it's what you have to show that some attempt was made for the day....that's what happened with my "irish lace" card for Day 52 when I tried to make a card using only my green glaze pen.  Oh well...

After that not so lovely attempt, I picked my pencils back up on day 53...this one is plain old crayola pencils on watercolor paper.  And what says Springtime like the "American Robin!"

Of course the charming chirper above needed some company, so day 54 brought along the "chestnut sided warbler" and now there is birdsong in the air.

Lol, and he's a little shy...can't get him to "center stage"  he's determined to hang out over here at the side of this posting!

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