Monday, June 29, 2009 work

Lol, it's just the end of my lunch hour, and I am at the office...I feel a little mopey, 'cause I just want to be home in the studio, instead of STUCK here at work. But hey, it pays for the art supplies, right?! I have to remind myself that I am blessed to have a good job, benefits, etc...but the studio really is a lot more fun!

I'm feeling creative...made 3 altered rolo cards yesterday, have three pretty girl 4x4's in progress...hey, what's up with THREES? Seems to be my creating trend lately.
And I have at least a dozen things I would like to be working on right now! I love it when "the muse" is active - WOOT!

Okay...back to the grind!

Hugs & Giggles!

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  1. I feel your pain. I'm on my lunch break too. Hopefully you will get off work on time so you can create when you get home.